Top 5 Foods To Never Give Your Dog


Top 5 Foods To Never Give Your Dog | Dogalize

If you ask the average dog owner what foods are toxic to dogs, most of them will say chocolate, but there are some other foods that are equally harmful. Here’s the top 5 list of the most dangerous foods for your dog and the symptoms that could appear in case of poisoning:

1) Chocolate: Chocolate tops the list not because it is the most toxic, but because it is one of the most common accidentally ingested food. The chemicals in chocolate that cause the toxic effect are caffeine and theobromine. The concentration of these chemicals increases with the darkness and the amount of the chocolate. Even non toxic amounts of theobromine can cause upset stomach, vomiting, and diarrhea. Signs that your dog is suffering from chocolate intoxication include restlessness, pacing, muscle tremors, seizures, extreme thirst, rapid heart rate, and fever.

2) Grapes and Raisins: Grape ingestion has definitely been linked to acute kidney failure and even death in many dogs, yet others seem to be able to enjoy the fruit without incident. Also a mystery is that some dogs can eat grapes without issue once, then become extremely ill on another occasion. Symptoms of dogs suffering from grape toxicity are usually present within 12 hours of ingestion. They include vomiting, lethargy, and diarrhea. As acute kidney failure progresses dogs will refuse food, drink excessively, and experience an increased need to urinate.

3) Alcohol: the major symptom of alcohol intoxication as hyperthermia — high fever exceeding 105 Degrees. Dogs may also experience racing heart rate, increased respiration, vomiting, and abnormal blood clotting. Immediate veterinary care is required to prevent death in severe cases.

4) Xylitol: this artificial sweetener found in candies, gums and toothpaste is extremely dangerous for our pets. The chemical causes canine blood sugar to rapidly plummet, leading to seizures and disorientation as quickly as 30 minutes after ingestion. Some dogs could develop acute liver failure that can cause death quickly.

5) Garlic and vegetables from the onion family, including shallots and scallions, are rarely ingested in large enough quantities to cause toxicosis. However, concentrated onion and garlic products like soup or dip mixes and garlic and onion powders can have the same effect. Dogs who ingest large enough amounts of these products can experience severe damage to their red blood cells, which can take days to become evident. Symptoms include lethargy, tiring easily on walks, pale mucous membranes, and dark orange or red urine.

Source: barkpost

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