Diabetes is Also A Dog Disease and can be treated

Diabetes is Also A Dog Deasease

Diabetes is Also A Dog Disease and can be treated

Like humans, dogs are at risk of diabetes. Our furry friends can develop the deseaseand may need medical care throughout their lifetime to manage the deasease. Diabetes is also a dog disease, and it’s characterized by a lack of insuline, a very important hormone necessary to to store energy from food and to use glucose for fuel.

Healthy dog food and lifestyle are a few contributing factors to the development of diabetes in people, but genetics plays the most important role in dogs. According to Dr. Audrey Cook, associate professor at the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences, there are strong dog breed predispositions to diabetes, with the Australian terrier at particularly high risk.

Other breeds with increased risk include schnauzers, fox terriers, and bichons and Norwegian elkhounds.

Signs of diabetes in dogs include increased thirst and frequent urination. Dogs with diabetes may also seem hungry despite eating a good meal, and dramatic weight loss can occur. If diabetes is left untreated, affected dogs can vomit and collapse.

Unfortunately, there is little to do to prevent diabetes in dogs, since it is mostly due to genetic reasons. Differently from humans, diet and lifestyle do not play a substantial role in the development of the desease, however dog walking is always reccomended.

According to the researches, Intact female dogs of any breed are particularly at risk.

If you think your dog may be showing signs of diabetes, contact your veterinarian immediately. Diabetes is a serious condition but it can be successfully managed through a joint effort between you and your veterinarian.

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