Dog Helps Little Owner By Sensing Her Life-threatening Seizures


Dog Helps Little Owner By Sensing Her Life-threatening Seizures | Dogalize

Not only does JJ give unconditional love to her little owner Kaelyn Krawczyk, but she also helps her through her desease, a rare condition that can cause dangerous reactions when the girl is too hot, too cold, or gets stressed.

The dog has the precious ability of sensing when the girl is about to have a seizure. When this happens JJ jumps up Kaelyn’s leg, tugs at her clothes and barks, alerting their parents who provide her assistance.

Recently Kaelyn underwent a kidney surgery and her beloved furry companion was right there, carefully watching along with the humans and machines monitoring her condition.

JJ is the first canine allowed into the procedure room at the Children’s Health Center at Duke University Medical Center.“It struck us that JJ is really just an additional monitor that provides information about what’s going on with Kaelyn,” said Dr. Brad Taicher, assistant professor of pediatric anesthesia.

Most scientists believe the dog is actually alerting to small, subtle changes in behavior on the part of the individual, said Dr. Lawrence Myers, associate professor of animal behavior at Auburn University.“Dogs really, really, really are very interested in humans and pay a lot of attention to us,” Myers said. “Especially the behavior of humans that they’re bonded to.”

Dogs are used to detect some types of cancers, high and low blood sugar in diabetics, and seizures in people with epilepsy. Some researchers are convinced the animals respond to a change in the odor of the person.

Whatever the dog is reacting to, Kaelyn’s mom is thankful JJ is there.
“She is the reason why we can sleep at night, she is the reason why KK can have a more normal life”,she said.

Source: today

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Photo: Shawn Rocco / Duke Medicine