Dog Running To Promote Dog Adoptions


Dog Running To Promote Dog Adoptions | Dogalize


Thanks to a partnership between a running club and an animal rescue group in Austin, Texas, runners can “borrow” a dog as running mate. The program, called RuffTail Runners aims at helping the four-legged residents of the local shelter and promoting adoptions.
Rob Hill, the program’s founding director, said he found that the program helps both the dogs and the people who run with them. “You see a dog go out and it’s maybe a little bit wacky, jumping around and kind of just in his or her own little world. Then you see the runner and the dog come back 30 minutes later and the bond between them is like seriously visible”.
The program is excellent advertising for the shelter. Dog runners are encouraged to put an “Adopt Me” vest on the dogs each time they go out. Occasionally, the dog runners become so smitten with their running partners that they adopt them themselves.
As the program has grown, RuffTail Runners and Austin Pets Alive! have put more rules and procedures  in place, including guidelines about how much and in what temperatures the dogs can run, to ensure the safety of the dogs and their runners.
Not all of the dogs who live at the shelter are eligible to participate in the program—they must meet minimum health and behavior standards to take part.
Walkers are also accepted!
A great way to keep fit, enjoy running and help shelter dogs that is becoming more and more popular.
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Source: runnersworld
Photo: rufftailrunners