How To Teach Your Dog A Recall Command

How To Teach Your Dog A Recall Command

How To Teach Your Dog A Recall Command

It is very important for your dog to be able to respond to a recall command. It can safeguard him and you from dangerous and unpleasant situations.

How To Teach Your Dog: some tips

Start by kneeling a few feet away and making happy noises. Click when the pup takes her first step toward you and give her a yummy treat when she gets to you. Run a few feet away and repeat the process. Make it a fun game! When she’s coming to you reliably, start using your cue. Gradually add distance and distractions.

– Don’t increase your distance or distractions until your dog responds immediately and enthusiastically to the recall cue. While you’re training, remember to give a super-good reward every time your dog responds to the recall cue.

Rewards and treats are very important. Thanks to them, the dog associates the recall to a positive thing. Recall should never mean “if I run back to my owners, she’ll put me back on leash” but always, “if I run back to my owner, it’s usually worth my while“.

– A useful tip is to have a line, from six to twenty feet long, on the dog so that every time you want him, you can get him back by simply reeling in the line if he doesn’t come on his own steam. Even if the dog is standing still when you’ve called and the dog does not move, that still means that he’s not coming. If you have a line on him, reel him in. If you don’t, then go get him and bring him back to where you wanted him,

How To Teach Your Dog: patience is important

Remember that training implies time and patience and that success comes with repetition. Good luck! For more tips and advice please contact

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