One Shot Seventeen Puppies: The New Record Litter


One Shot Seventeen Puppies: The New Record Litter | Dogalize

Stella, a Maremma Sheepdog living at Napa Grass Farmer, California, recently gave birth do 17 puppies.

The mom smashed the world record for the largest Maremma litter, as well as the state’s record for the largest puppy litter. There are 11 males and six female and they are all alive and well!

The farmer and owner John Costanzo revealed to NBC San Diego: “We had an excellent vet deliver them because it was way more than we thought. They all made it and are healthy. The doctor said it was five more than he has ever seen in his years of practice as the biggest litter he had ever delivered was 12.”

Welcome to the world, guys!

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Source: dailymail

Photo: Napa Grass Farmer Facebok page