Pet Store Caught Fire: 15 Dogs Dead


Pet Store Caught Fire: 15 Dogs Dead | Dogalize

A very sad news comes from Coram, a small village in Suffolk County, New York. A building which was being renovated to become a pet store caught fire, causing the death of 15 dogs who were being held inside.

Just one day prior to the deadly fire,, the fire marshal had given the owner of the building a cease-and-desist order because the proper permits were not in order for the renovations which were underway.

The cause of the devastating blaze, which gutted the building, remains under investigation. Anyway, it is not believed it could be of criminal nature.

Luckily, some pets were saved from the fire and soon taken to a veterinary emergency center in Selden.

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Federica Lauda

Source: examiner

Photo: News 12 Long Island