When Are Puppies Ready To Be Taken From Their Mummy?


When Are Puppies Ready To Be Taken From Their Mummy? | Dogalize

If puppies are separated from their mother too early, they can’t complete all the key developmental stages that ensure a stable adult dog that socializes well and has good eating habits. It is important that puppies remain with their mother during all the expected time, because Mom knows what her pups need to be weaned and shows them the basics of obedience as well.

– Puppy’s eyes don’t open until he is between 2 to 3 weeks old, and he only starts to get mobile as his sight develops.

– Between weeks 3 and 4, the puppy goes through rapid sensory development and this is the starting point for him learning how to be a dog. At this stage puppies don’t like any sudden change, or things like loud noises. Essentially, anything negative that happens around the puppy at this developmental stage can have an adverse effect on his personality and future development.

– Between 4 and 7 weeks he makes a lot of progress. In week 4 he starts socializing with the rest of the litter and learns how to play. This is also when the mom starts to teach her pups some basic manners.

According to experts, a puppy that is separated from his mother before 7 weeks is often nervous, prone to excessive barking and more likely to bite. He is also likely to be difficult to train and won’t socialize well with other dogs or people.

In conclusion, the right time to take puppies from their mother is between 7 and 8 weeks.

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Federica Lauda

Source: pets.thenest