Clean Technology: PooAway spray, and the poo evaporates!


Clean Technology: PooAway spray, and the poo evaporates! | Dogalize

Amazing news for dog owners, the one that everyone expected! From now on, your dog’s poo won’t be a problem anymore!

European scientists created a product that can become a real revolution in pet keeping: PooAway, a spray that makes poo evaporates.

PooAway is based on a highly innovative technology. A few sprays are enough for the product to activate some chemical reactions which decompose the excrement into liquid and solid waste. Thanks to the heat created by the reactions, the water quickly evaporates. The solid waste, instead, require 10 to 15 min to get totally decomposed by the action of bening bacteria contained in the product.

PooAway is currently being tested and will be available on the market in a few months. Dogalize is trying it exclusively. If you want to receive a free sample, please contact Get ready to say goodbye to poo bags!


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