Elisabetta Canalis rescued another dog from a kennel in LA

Elisabetta canalis

Elisabetta Canalis rescued another dog from a kennel in LA

The famous Italian showgirl is back again on the side of the dogs abandoned in the american shelters. Mrs Canalis, in fact adopted another Pinscher from where it was already been announced to be suppressed, if no family was going to be find soon.
Elisabetta Canalis has therefore decided to answer to the announcement and to adopt the little Megan, who will enjoy the company of her two others Mia and Piero.

Her love for all four-legged friends has led her to open an Instagram profile exclusively dedicated to them and did not hesitate to let in a third furry tenant, although it is for the time being a short-term accommodation.

The wish of the former Velina is in fact to find a caring and loving family for the little Pinscher, putting an ad that will certainly be well received by her followers. Through the popular social network, Elisabetta tells the story of Megan: “Yesterday was going to be suppressed as happens every Monday to thousands of dogs dumped in shelters here in Los Angeles. After a brief summit with the “Pieris”, we decided to rescue it, to protect it from its fate, and in the meantime look for a loving home.”

Now the sweet Megan, lives in Los Angeles with its neo-mother of the little daughter, Skyler, her husband Brian Perri and the other two Pinschers.

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