Teen and service dog are inseparable mates


Teen and service dog are inseparable mates | Dogalize

Erin Condrin of Queensland, Australia, does everything with her service dog, Lacey. So when it was time to plan her 12th grade formal, naturally, Lacey was part of the process.

Lacey, a three-year-old service dog trained by Canine Helpers Queensland, helps Condrin with tasks like fetching objects, opening and closing doors, and pressing light switches. She also is a dedicated companion to Condrin, who suffers from a connective tissue disorder called Classical Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, along with several secondary conditions. “Over the last 12 months my life has changed unimaginably; as a young person this loss of independence was frightening. I am now reliant on crutches and my wheelchairs to move around,” Condrin wrote on Facebook in September, adding that Lacey allows her to “live a life as close to normal as possible.”

For her formal, Condrin purchased her dress and ordered one for Lacey that matched. “I got so many compliments on my dress—it was a lovely feeling,” Condrin told. “I had such an amazing and fun-filled evening.” Condrin posted the photos of the two of them all dressed up on her Facebook page, Life with Lacey. “The connection I have with this dog is beyond words,” she wrote.

Source: Woofipedia