Discover If Your Dog Suffers From Depression


Discover If Your Dog Suffers From Depression | Dogalize

When we are sad and blue, vexed by problems and feeling the weight of the world on our shoulders, we wish we could be always happy and carefree like our pets. Did you know that pets may suffer from depression and stress too?
Depression in dogs is moslty due to the excessive time he’s being left alone. Dogs need company and shouldn’t be left alone for more than four hours.

If your dog or cat shows sign of stress and depression, such as destructive behaiors or listlessness, help him with the following suggestions:

– Take your dog walking in new places – just like us humans, a change of scene helps.

– A new puppy or pet at home might also be what your canine is craving.

– If your dog is an only pet perhaps set up a doggy playdate with a friend or neighbour’s pooch to provide some company.

– If possible, play with your pet for at least 30 minutes a day, getting him to chase balls or other toys that get him up and exercising.

– If you’re not home during the day, leave the blinds or curtains open so your cat can watch birds or have a view of what is going on outside.

– Leaving a radio on or having a pet-sitter come over during the day can also keep your pet from getting lonely.

But if your dog isn’t bouncing back, and if he or she is losing weight or seems unresponsive to play, make an appointment with your vet or dog trainer. He will give you the right treatments.

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