Dog Park Etiquette


Dog Park Etiquette | Dogalize

Anyone who frequents dog parks knows that unpleasant situations are very common, due to wrong behaviors of both dogs and owners. To have an enjoyable experience, we suggest you to follow our dog park etiquette, which is a set of “unwritten” rules of common sense.

  • Never leave your dog unattended and always keep your attention on your dog.
  • Phone calls, emails, and iPhone games or apps should be kept to a minimum so your focus can always remain on your dog.
  • Always clean up after your dog. Most parks have poopbags or scoopers, so use them.
  • If you see trash, debris, or anything else that’s out of place, pick it up or put it back so none of the dogs get injured.
  • Don’t bring dogs younger than 4 months to a dog park. They won’t have had all the necessary inoculations that allow them to play safely with other animals.
  • Don’t bring a female dog in season if not spayed.
  • Before coming to the dog park, ask your veterinarian if your dog is healthy enough to play.
  • Keep your dog on-leash until you get to the off-leash area. This is not just respectful to other park users, it’s much safer for your dog.
  • Close all doors to the dog park or dog run after entering or exiting.
  • If your dog becomes unruly or plays rough, leash him and leave immediately.
  • Don’t smoke or eat while at the dog park. Cigarette butts and food wrappers are tempting treats to dogs, but bad for them.
  • Don’t scold someone else’s dog. You wouldn’t want them to do that to your dog.
  • If it seems like a group of dogs are bullying another dog, make sure your dog isn’t participating and encourage other owners to do the same.
  • Be friendly with other dog owners. It’s more enjoyable if everyone is nice to each other.
  • Always observe all of the rules posted at your local dog park. Each town has its own set of regulations: please follow them.