How To Teach You Dog To Climb Stairs


How To Teach You Dog To Climb Stairs | Dogalize

Dogs are often scared of steps and stairways, especially when they are puppies. Here are a few tips to teach them to climb and descend stairs.

– When introducing your pup or dog to steps, work gradually to build confidence.Start with just approaching the stairway.

– Reward your dog for any show of progress, no matter how small.
You can use tasty treats or a favorite toy as a lure, placing one on the “target” step as you work with your dog.

– After the dog shows signs of comfort with approaching the steps, practice going up one step. Then turn and go back down the step. Practice this several times and repeat the process increasing gradually the number of steps.

– Be patient and do not rush the process, otherwise you risk a setback.

Note: some trainers suggest advancing on the steps beside the dog. Others suggest staying just behind the dog. Try both ways.

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