Keep Your Dog Safe In The Summer


Keep Your Dog Safe In The Summer | Dogalize

Summer has finally come! As we’re already thinking about holidays, here are a few tips to keep your furry friend safe and healthy in the summer.

Keep out of hot cars. If you take your dog with you by car, don’t let him inside, even for a short time. Cars turn immediately hot, especially if parked under the sun, and it can be very harmful for your dog inside.

Hydrate. In the summer it’s very important for your dog to have fresh water always available. Hydration is the first step to get through hot temperature.

Sunscreen. Dogs naturally have protection from their fur, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be burned. So, if you’re tanking your dog with you to the beach, you can use a dog-specific sunscreen to appy only on exposed hairless areas.

Get Grooming. If your dog has long hair, summer is the right time to get a fresh haircut!

Take morning or evening walks. On very hot days, avoid going out in the hottest hours. Instead, enjoy early morning or evening walks, when temperatures are cooler.

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