Miranda Lambert: her love for dogs is worth $200.000


Miranda Lambert: her love for dogs is worth $200.000 | Dogalize

Miranda Lambert continues to be dog’s best friend!Her MuttNation Foundation distributed over $200,000 to USA animal shelters in January.

The famous country singer, 31, co-founded the non-profit organization in 2009 with her mom Bev. The raised money goes to spay and neuter efforts, medical treatments, adoptions, legislative changes and education.

“I feel so passionately about helping all animals and I’m thrilled that we have once again been able to give to phenomenal shelters all across the country,” Lambert said in a statement. “The people at these shelters do such amazing work day in and day out and are truly heroes for the animals.”

“The unconditional love you get from a dog is better than anything else,” the singer told in an interview. “I can give the biggest show of my life, and my dogs don’t give a damn. They’re just happy to see their mom. Everyone should have a dog – the love they give back is like nothing else.”

Source: barkpost