Walking your dog makes you live longer


Walking your dog makes you live longer | Dogalize

Most dog owners already know that having a dog is good for both physical and mental health, but now it’s science to officially confirm it: dog owners live longer!

The research conducted at the University of Missouri consisted in observing and studying dog owners and non-dog owners. The result was that adults over the age of 60 tend to live longer with a canine companion.

An elderly dog owner who enjoys longs walks with their pup tends to have a lower body mass index. This daily exercise and companionship leads to better overall health and less visits to the doctor. Plus, beyond the physical benefits of walking your pooch, dog owners experience more social interaction with other humans as well as bonding with their pet.

Exercise, unconditional dog love, and more opportunities to get out there and socialize extend our lives in the most beautiful way, so keep on adopting and rescuing and encourage your elderly loved ones to explore the benefits of dog ownership!

Source: barkpost

Photo: Alamy