Your dog can really help you get a date!


Your dog can really help you get a date! | Dogalize

Dogs give us unconditional love, that’s sure. But they also have to do with love in some other ways. They can actually help you find love or, at least, get a date! Let’s see how they do!

1. They get you out of the house, where you’ll actually meet real people out in the real world.

2. They’re so cute at least one person you find attractive will approach you.

3. Dogs are conversation starters. “Your dog is gorgeous. What’s his name?” “That’s a great dog. I had a [whatever the breed is] when I was a kid.” “We should get together for a doggy play date.” The possibilities are endless.

4. Dogs help you meet people like you. Take your pooch for a walk in the dog park or for a visit to the dog beach. Once there, you’ll meet others with dogs, which means you’ll have a head start in the relationship by already having something in common.

5. And if none of those works, well, you still have by your side someone who will never betray you!

Source: dogchannel

Photo: thinkstock / stockbyte