Built carts to make disabled animals walk again


Built carts to make disabled animals walk again | Dogalize

Several animal associations defend the rights of animals and help restore dogs and cats who suffered from a motor problem .

Thanks to new technology many associations use prosthesesthat improve the quality of life for handicapped dogs and cats.

Under the slogan ” No to euthanasia , yes to happy dogs “ , a group of animal rights activists in Usa manufactures wheelchairs for animals who have been ill or have been run over, giving them a better quality of life.

“Wheels for life “, as it is called this team, has already made more than a hundred gadgets and sent their creations to several regions and even to Europe.

“Wheels for life” has come a long way in the last four years and its founders dream of a new goal: “Our dream is to have an animal rehabilitation center where to locate all the animals.”

What do you think about this admirable initiative?

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