Cataracts in puppies


Cataracts in puppies | Dogalize

Cataracts in animals are as common as in our puppies.

Cataracts are the most common cause of blindness in dogs and cats, and it is so important to be vigilant to prevent the disease.

The disease, that attacks not only humans but also our pets, often rises hereditarily which means to born with this desease is not caused by external factors. However illnesses such as diabetes or some traumas can also trigger it.

Detecting blindness can be difficult, however you can notice if your pet has the pupil white or gray. The treatment of blindness is not the sumistracion droplets or ingestion of drugs.

The only effective treatment is removal of the opaque lens. Therefore prevention is fundamental.

Pets must be controlled from their childhood and continuously make a medical checkup to prevent it. In some cases the dogs in the initial phase of blindness become more nervous than usual but the danger is that they get used and the problem continue until the loss of vision.

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Diana Calle