Free dog grooming kennel for grandpa dogs


Free dog grooming kennel for grandpa dogs | Dogalize

Another bright idea to combine pleasure with something useful to others comes from New York, where a professional hairdresser, Mark Imhof has decided to make available his work for all older dogs in the Animal Care Center of New York.

What better way of caring for the less lucky dogs to do for them what we are good at? Hoping to donate them a greater chance of be finally adopted.

The sad reality that we all know is that older dogs often conclude their lives behind bars: it is easier, for those who choose to adopt, to choose a puppy instead of an elderly.

So Imhof decided to offer his professional kennel services, driven by his love for animals.

“I have seen a complete transformation in almost all dogs that I dedicated myself to. And the greatest satisfaction is knowing that my work will serve to give a bigger chance to donate love to the ones who will welcome them home”.

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