How do you know if your puppy has rabies?


How do you know if your puppy has rabies? | Dogalize

Rabies is a dangerous disease that can develop in your puppy through contact with infected animals.

The disease is so powerful that not only attacks dogs and cats but also all other mammals including humans. Therefore treating and preventing rabies is not only a duty towards our pet, it is also a responsibility with the whole family.

To avoid contagion of our puppies we must be vigilant to keep them away as much as possible from wild or unknown animals, so they will be less vulnerable to be attacked or bitten from a carrier animal.

However, if your dog exhibits drastic changes in his behavior, such as sudden isolation or aggressiveness, associated with extreme apathy, insomnia, difficulty in moving and swallowing, excessive salivation and even paralysis, it is essential to consult an expert veterinarian to have an accurate diagnosis and to attend our pet and prevent infection with family members.

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Diana Calle