Obie the dachshund, the fattest dog in the world, is on diet!

Obie the dachshund, the fattest dog in the world, is on diet!

Obie the dachshund, the fattest dog in the world, is on diet!

Obie is the name of the dachshund that some time ago was billed as “the fattest dog in the world” because he presented an obvious overweight of 35 kilos. This type of dog breed weights around 10 Kg in normal conditions, so imagine how big is Obie!

Obie was owned by a couple of elders who could not give him the active life that a dachshund needs, pleasing him giving him food and treats, so the dog weighed 35 kilos and was on the verge of death due to dog bloat condition among other symptoms.

Obie was almost twice the weight he should have been and this fact made dog walking difficult and painful because his stomach touched the ground. Seeing the damage caused to him, the couple decided to give him to their vet, who did the whole weight loss treatment.

Obie finally lost weight entering a new diet combined with increased daily physical activity and even started swimming. Another important factor was to change Obie’s diet, since recently the dog had been eating too much. It is crucial to find a balanced diet for a dog that goes to its phisical necessities, a god way to satrt is by using healthy ingredients to make homemade dog food.

After the extreme loss of weight, the dog had to undergo surgery to remove skin in excess that remained in his body.

Today, Obie the dachshund is in his ideal weight being 10 kg; it has resumed its natural shape and has become famous with his facebook page and other social network for pets. A very pleasant story for the puppy, who finally lives his life as he should have done for years.

If you are worry about your dog’s weight, it is advisable to start by talking to your veterinary and arrange a diet for your mascot. At Dogalize maps you’ll find veterinarians and dog experts in your area, have a look today!