Pancho, the dog who practices yoga


Pancho, the dog who practices yoga | Dogalize

Nic is a filmmaker and yoga practitioner who loves his chihuahua.

For this reason he began to spread videos with his pet in the most diverse situations, which became a hit on social networks.

Documenting the intense relationship that binds him to his dog Pancho, he filmed the first video called “The Hour of Yoga with a cute chihuahua”; due to the global success of it, he decided to create a whole youtube channel.

Nic explains the most important thing for his relationship with Pancho.

“I feel honored to have a pet in my house and interact with him every day. I think the relationship between humans and animals produces a unique exchange, a sweet gift of nature. Pancho and I are friends, colleagues, brothers and work together well. “

Do you do activities with your pet too?

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