The bad smell of your dog may depend on his health


The bad smell of your dog may depend on his health | Dogalize

Having a pet at home in some cases can change the aroma of the environment but if we notice that our friend has a strong odor despite the baths, it is important to discover the cause of the problem to control the causes as soon as possible.

It is important to know that dogs give off strong odors in specific cases such as when they have walked in the rain or when they have come into contact with elements with strong or foul odors.

Any changes in their body and their health problems can make this uncomfortable consequence.

For example inflammation of the anal glands is one of these causes, and occasional flatulence gases are completely normal in a dog when he ingested some heavy food. Ear Problems also arise uncomfortable odors.

One of the most common cases that also requires attention is bad breath caused by poor oral hygiene.
For the home environment to be free from uncomfortable aromas and especially for your pets to be healthy, we recommend to be careful to their body odors.

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Diana Calle