The festival celebrating the dogs to be the gatekeepers to eternal life


The festival celebrating the dogs to be the gatekeepers to eternal life | Dogalize


In India and Nepal it is celebrated in autumn Diwali, a weeklong Hindu festival dedicated to the light (Tihar) and to honor the beings with whom we interact.
Each day of the festival is dedicated to a different theme; Kukur Puja (worship dogs) is the name of the second day of Tihar festival; this event is 100% dedicated to dogs, and all the animals, even the street ones, receive offerings with garlands, flowers and exquisite meals.
This day of celebration is due to the fact that from the beginning of human history dogs have been the best friends of man, and according to the theories of Hinduism these faithful friends are messengers of Yamaraja, the God of death.
In Hinduism in Nepal it is thought that dogs tend the gates of heaven, and that they are chosen to safeguard our future lives. Thus during the Tihar Kukur participants are supposed to venerate them, whether coming from the street or from their own house.
During the festival, as a sign of affection and respect, dogs are garlanded with flowers (or “mesh”) around the neck as a sign of respect and dignity.
They are also making a mark on their forehead, (red or yellow, sacred colors) with a paste of rice, yogurt and red dye: this means that the animal is object of devotion and holiness, besides being a blessing to everyone who crosses his path.
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