Vegetarians Vegans or dogs? Care to change feed


Vegetarians Vegans or dogs? Care to change feed | Dogalize

If, thanks to the trend for healthy eating, you are thinking about changing the diet of your puppy, you should consider that, if he/she has not been properly educated to be vegetarian since childhood, it is recommended that the change of diet should be strictly monitored by your veterinarian.

This because, although dogs are omnivores and therefore versatile to suit different kinds of food, nutrients contained in meat are barely present in a vegan diet, and a long term non-meat diet could affect the health of your pet if care is not taken due in modifying the diet.

The choice of omitting the meat can be done due to different factors, all valid to the extent that the decision is to be vegetarian and to turn your puppies too, and to contribute to their welfare and not altering their health.

So, before taking this step, we recommend you to first consult with your veterinarian for advice on the pros and cons of your decision.

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