Month: September 2016

The hospital of hope!

The hospital of hope! | Dogalize In Mexico open doors the first public hospital that is giving hope to those dogs and their owners who lack of resources and can not access particular services to cure different diseases. The veterinary hospital in …

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The woman who adopts old Chihuahuas

The woman who adopts old Chihuahuas | Dogalize We tell the beautiful story of a woman named Julie Docherty who some years ago adopted her first little old chihuahua, and fell in love with him at first sight. When she adopted her first puppy, she r…

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Luc, the cat nurse

Luc, the cat nurse | Dogalize It is we the tender story of Lucifer, a rescued cat who can not walk, helps other sick and needy animals. Lucifer, though they call Luc, lives in a veterinary clinic in Perm, Russia. When he was found, he had a proble…

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Diarrhea: How can I help my dog?

Diarrhea: How can I help my dog? | Dogalize Diarreha is a very common and annoying problem for both dog and owner. It is often caused by intestinal parasites, which can stain his faeces with blood. This kind of parasitic infections is more common …

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