45 years of prison for the man who killed a police dog


45 years of prison for the man who killed a police dog | Dogalize

A man who killed a dog K-9 officer was sentenced to 34 years in prison and 11 years for other crimes.

The k-9 Jethro agent died in January after receiving multiple gunshot wounds when respodían the call for help by the robbery at a convenience store.
In the shooting Jethro received three shots.

The man, 23, was convicted of shooting the K-9, Jethro officer and four other cases of aggravated theft.

The act committed was described as intolerable by the judge of common causes county he said the long sentence reflects the seriousness of the death of Jethro, and the fact that the man shot two other officers.

Do you think a just penalty for this man?

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