Attention to the nose of your puppy

Attention to the nose of your puppy | Dogalize

The nose of your puppy can indicate the health of your friend as problems in their immune system.

Therefore it is essential to pay regular attention to changes that occur. A wet nose usually is indicative of an animal healthy however different factors must be considered and not fall into false alarms if the opposite happens and it does not mean necessarily have problems.

Factors such as weather, or even the place where our four-legged friend has put his head can cause temporary re dryness of his snout, and even crack, but with a series of care should return to its normal state.

To know and monitor the health of your puppy do not hesitate to consult your veterinarian Prevents your friend is too time outdoors when temperatures are excessive. Leave Get used to hydrate with clean water.

Always give you the option to have water nearby and in some special cases, specific clean nose with soap for dogs (have a lower ph).

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By Diana Street