Cloning: A Choice Of Stars

Cloning: A Choice Of Stars | Dogalize

The stars are boundless and this time has to do with the animal world. Recently, the fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg and her billionaire husband Barry Diller decided to clone their dog Shannon, a jack Russell terrier, who had died, introducing the DNA of the puppy in two eggs, so that cloning was twofold. That is, creating two animals identical to their defunct Shannon.

The process was in the hands of a Korean company and could have cost about 90,000 euros.

Surely one of our puppies death can lead us to do really wonderful things for trying to restore life.

But, however, cloning is also a really expensive choice and not very accessible to the average person. For this big reason our puppies remain in our hearts and will be unique and irreplaceable beings that always accompany us wherever they are.

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