Help your puppy to have a good smell!

Help your puppy to have a good smell! | Dogalize

Dogs smells can permeate your whole house, your clothes and even your car. However this can be solved by following some basic steps in their care; above all, refrain from perfuming your pets with products for human and perfumes and powders as they can cause discomfort and damage and solve the problem only temporarily.

To start, consult your veterinarian about how often your dog should be bathed under the terms of his health and age. After having this clear in mind, start periodical baths always with plenty of shampoo for dogs and never miss a fundamental step: dry your dog.

Using dryer is the ideal way to do it and away from direct sunlight. This step is critical to cancel any kind of bad smell.

Cleaning ears and oral care is also essential to prevent odors from lack of constant cleaning. Food also plays a key role in digestion and in the breath of your dog.

Cleaning his resting and sleeping places significantly helps to maintain a pleasant smell. Finally do not let your puppy eat waste from the waste sources because it affects his body odor and it is highly harmful to his health.

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