Hoshi, a blind dog and his inseparable guide

Hoshi, a blind dog and his inseparable guide | Dogalize

The touching story of a blind dog and his inseparable guide, shatters social networks.

When Hoshi, an American Eskimo breed dog, turned 11, he had to undergo a delicate operation: they removed both eyes due to glaucoma eye, leaving him completely blind.

Things were very hard for Hoshi until he met Zen, a small Pomeranian that has become his best friend.

Hoshi’s family adopted Zen, who was found wandering the streets of Washington, six months before Hoshi underwent the operation that left him blind.

Zen is now so important in the life of Hoshi. He realized that Hoshi was blind and would need extra help, and he is always on hand to ensure that Hoshi go exactly where he wants to go.

“Zen decided to get the role of guide, so we joined them in a single strap, but although they put in separate belts, they are back together,” Paulina said in the interview.

It is clear that Zen and Hoshi have some particular struggles, but when they are together, there’s nothing they can not do.

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