Luc, the cat nurse


Luc, the cat nurse | Dogalize

It is we the tender story of Lucifer, a rescued cat who can not walk, helps other sick and needy animals.

Lucifer, though they call Luc, lives in a veterinary clinic in Perm, Russia.

When he was found, he had a problem in his legs and could not walk.
Now this paralyzed cat lives happy with a job and a family.

Luc, with all its sweetness, huddles with patients to give them heat and enjoy their company.

It has Donate his blood to other cats in the clinic, and has saved several lives.
Lucifer, the kitten has been saved, now helps other animals in the clinic, supporting and encouraging them to live.

After all he has suffered, he can understand the pain of others.

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Source: Schnauzi