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Properties of saliva dogs | Dogalize

Among the main benefits of living with a dog we found that help us reduce stress, encourage us to play sports and improve our mood. But he knew that even his saliva is beneficial?

Some studies reveal that saliva of dogs strengthens the immune system of people living with them.

As shows performed by bacteriologists from the University of Cucuta Leslie Lozano, Paba and Maria Baldissera in 2008, which confirmed the presence of these properties.

Much more recent is the study of the University of Arizona, conducted this year, which states that the microbes present in the stomach of these animals can have a probiotic effect on our bodies, that transmit through saliva turn strengthening our bacterial flora.

In addition, the lead researcher, Dr. Charles Raison says that far from the belief that dogs cause allergies, the fact is that help fight them. Your saliva can fight ailments such as sneezing, itchy nose and watery eyes.

This study includes a chemical analysis of canine saliva, demonstrating that contains immune-type properties, antimicrobial and antifungal proteins. Therefore this liquid helps heal skin infections and reduce scarring.
Despite all this, we must not let our dog lick our wounds, because saliva contains not only disinfectant properties, but also some germs that can aggravate the irritation. In addition, moisture tongue slows the healing process.

The reality is that much remains to investigate the healing ability of the saliva of dogs. Today there is no way to accurately measure these benefits, although it has been scientifically demonstrated that its composition includes disinfectants.

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Source: WorldDogs