The woman who adopts old Chihuahuas

The woman who adopts old Chihuahuas | Dogalize

We tell the beautiful story of a woman named Julie Docherty who some years ago adopted her first little old chihuahua, and fell in love with him at first sight.

When she adopted her first puppy, she realized the extremely unlikely chance to be adopted for the old dogs.

The woman understood that many families just want puppies and others who have already had dogs do not want an old one.

From the moment she understood this, Julie decided to give the dogs a chance to live their last days in peace, happy and full of love.

Since then she has taken four wonderful chihuahuas: MoMo, Choli Churro, Paloma Linda and Benito, also known as RL.

The adoption of dogs is a behavior that can become something you can not stop doing!

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