What does your pet when he is alone?


What does your pet when he is alone? | Dogalize

Have you ever wondered what your pet does when you are not in the house?

According to experts caregivers standards imposed to their pets for coexistence are not valid once they are not at home.

“With their attitude animals does not want to break the rules or seek for revenge, they do not have such a complex behavior, but only need to take their time with activities,” says Marta Amat, professor of the Master in Ethology Clinic of the University of Barcelona.

A study by the University of Studies of Milan and the University of Montreal analyzed the behavior of 30 healthy dogs of different ages who were left alone for 90 minutes.

The result showed that much of the time they showed a passive attitude (about 22 minutes), as opposed to who devoted their attention to the environment (9 minutes), playing (6 minutes), howling (4 minutes), sobbing (2 minutes), moving (1 minute), exploring (1 minute) and barking (less than one minute).
Dogs enjoy much more the company, both of humans and other animals.

And do you know what your pet does when they left him/her alone?

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