A studio reveals that Chihuahuas are more aggressive pitbull

A studio reveals that Chihuahuas are more aggressive pitbull | Dogalize

Not even dogs are saved from prejudice.

Many times we believe that the little ones are tender and large wild and aggressive.
A study by the Donition site showed that the breed of dogs Pitbull Terrier, which is considered one of the most aggressive in the world, is actually very quiet, while Chihuahuas adorable, plus aggressive, are neurotic.

The website gathered information on the behavior of dogs with help from their subscribers, who conducted some tests with their pets in several different situations, for example, to unknown or known people, strangers or acquaintances children, and strangers, acquaintances dogs, more larger or smaller than they are.

More than 4,000 owners responded to the tests.

The test results were that the Chihuahua were the most aggressive, especially towards larger dogs and to those who did not know. Instead, American Pit Bull terriers evaluated emerged as one of the less aggressive races.

Another study more non confirms that the problem of dogs are the owners

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