Heartthrobs And Hound Dogs

Heartthrobs And Hound Dogs | Dogalize

Ricki Beason, a photographer from Texas, has been engaged in a majestic task.

The photographer had the idea of making a calendar of “leading men and bloodhounds” last year.

She volunteered their time to take photos of dogs from a shelter posing together police, firefighters and military bodied

Is there anything better than a lot of heroic guys who take off their clothes to help pets from a shelter?

The photos are part of a calendar called “Heartthrobs And Hound Dogs”, which is published annually and the proceeds from sales are donated to animal shelters.

My passion for rescued dogs began six years ago when I had my first rescued dog, Blue,” Beason told The Dodo. “I want to help save as many lives of dogs as I can with my pictures … Last year I started the calendar” heartthrobs and bloodhounds “where firefighters caressed adorable dogs in an effort to go beyond the borders of Dallas.”

Do you like this brilliant idea?

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