How to Leave Your Dog Home Alone

How to Leave Your Dog Home Alone | Dogalize

We know how hard it is to leave home and see our dog looks at us from the window with his expressive eyes telling us not to go, and it’s even harder for us when we know that our dogs during our absence are not calm, autonomous and have lack of appetite and constantly howl.

As general rule, if we decide to have a dog is because we can give him his required living conditions, care and welfare, however it is normal that at times we have to be away and leave him alone. For this you have to keep in mind that you must accustom him from small with not very long absences.

Also, and it’s essential, goodbye calmly and not as it was the last farewell as it is essential to fill them with security and confidence.

Leave him fresh water and food, so he will not miss the food and can take a nap after lunch. Think also about leaving around his favorite toys to keep him entertained during your absence and let him have his little bed rest or space in order to find a place of rest and feel secure in his territory.

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By Diana Calle