Loud Noises: How To Help Your Dog?

Loud Noises: How To Help Your Dog? | Dogalize

Dogs are terrified of loud noises such as fireworks or thunders and express their fear in destructive behavior, barking, cowering, and throwing various fits. There are two mistakes we often make which only make the situation worse.
First, never punish the dog for being afraid. He will only become more frightened.

Secondly, never verbally or physically try to reassure or comfort the dog when he is acting fearful. If you stroke or talk to him sweetly he does understand that he is receiving a reward. The dog usually concludes it is doing the right thing by acting nervous because you are so approving of it.

In case of loud noises, help your dog with the following advice:

Put your dog in the quietest room or go away from the noise source. If it is not possible, confine the dog to a place where he can’t hurt himself or completely destroy your property. A crate is ideal. Accustom the dog to his special place so that he feels comfortable there.

Keep your dog distracted by training or playing with him. It is difficult for a dog to be afraid when he is enjoying his favorite game of fetch or when he is concentrating on a quick series of commands.

Another method of helping your dog is to slowly and gradually accustom him to loud noises. This can be done by making a recording of the sounds and playing it back to the dog while he is enjoying everyday life and activities. Start by playing it at a low volume and gradually, over the course of the weeks, increase the volume.

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