Lucca, first dog of the Marines to receive a medal for bravery

Lucca, first dog of the Marines to receive a medal for bravery | Dogalize

Lucca is a 12 years old female German shepherd, who served the Marines of the United States Army for six years and lost her front leg after sniffing a bomb in Afghanistan.

Lucca, that day, had found an arsenal of improvised explosive devices, and had accordingly warned the troops who protected with her work discovering hidden weapons.

In the routine of her work, she was sent to register with her powerful smell any given road, when a landmine exploded under her.
She lost her left leg instantly, and burns and wounds on her chest and head made fear the worst.

But seeing that Lucca was fighting, she was taken to a safe place to make a tourniquet to stop the blood.

Ten days after being operated, Lucca started walking, but her bosses decided that it was time to retire her from the Marine Corps of United States.

And so, after living 400 missions between Iraq and Afghanistan, the dog became a war veteran at her home in California.

This week, 12-year-old Lucca was awarded with the highest honor in her country, the Medal of Valor, which in the case of animals is called PDSA Dickin Medal for participating with maximum value by more 400 missions in the harshest war fronts such as Iraq, and for her remarkable courage and determination to seek weapons and explosives that helped to save the lives of thousands of people.

Lucca is the 67th animal to be honored with an award and the first in history that belongs to the Marine Corps.

31 dogs, 32 pigeons, 3 cats and a horse have received medals of honor.

Source: Amazing