Month: October 2016

The Health Card: Dogalize Tutorial

The Health Card: Dogalize Tutorial | Dogalize Do you know that Dogalize allows you to have your dog's Health Card always with you? You can find it in your dog's profile and update it whenever and wherever your are! It's very useful to keep track o…

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Dog trainer: a call to Play!

Dog trainer: a call to Play! | Dogalize Playing is the most natural thing. Can you recognize when your dog call you to play? While puppies get easily into play, adult dogs tend to ask you to do it, using a sort of “play bow”: - The dog leans forwa…

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Dogcakes for doggy birthday

Dogcakes for doggy birthday | Dogalize It is your puppy’s birthday and you're looking for a special way to celebrate? Here we suggest a very nice recipe to prepare some cakes that we are sure will make your puppy really thankful. And Happy Birthda…

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