The king adopting strays

The king adopting strays | Dogalize

The head of Thai state adopted a beautiful mixed race and street dog in 1998 when he was just a little puppy, after traveling the streets of Bangkok and find wandering around.
Since then, the adoption of stray dogs is openly promoted by the king of Thailand.

The dog named Thong Daeng, who died last year, his master in all his public appearances and was always regarded as a real princess, icon of the Thai Royal Family.

At the age of 74 years the king wrote a book telling the story of Thong Daeng, which sold 100,000 copies in the first hours of sale. Several editions have been launched to market the book that has become a cult lettura within Thai society.

The monarch enjoys great popularity among his people and one reason is its love for dogs and their particular interest in promoting the adoption of hairy.

The king, who is now 87 years old, always enthusiastically promotes the adoption of stray dogs.
This has generated a significant impact in Thailand, a country that last year a canine population of 8.5 million, an increasing number of stray or feral dogs and a worrying incidence of canine rabies was estimated.

Source: misanimales