The new Montreal pit-bull ban is suspended

The new Montreal pit-bull ban is suspended | Dogalize

Under the new ban of Montreal, in Canada, no resident can have or adopt a dog “pit-bull type”.

Those who are pet owners who currently carry this “vague label” will be subject to a series of complex protocols license.

The new residents could see their comrades captured and killed. The pit-bulls unclaimed in city shelters and kennels are going to end in the euthanasia program.

All this would end in diverting resources intended for the treatment of individual animals causing real problems, focusing instead on the physical aspect and not on the behavior of some dogs, even if they do not hurt anyone.

The American Veterinary Medical Association, The National Animal Control Association, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the American Bar Association Veterinary Medicine Assotiation, and even the White House have denounced this approach.

In recognition of this and other vague questions about the ban, a judge of the Superior Court of Quebec has suspended the widely discussed Montreal ban – for now.

We just need to wait that science, rather than fear and anger, will determine what will happen next.

Life and the future of pets are shaped by the choices we humans do for them. It is up to us to worry about the safety of both.

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