Animal abuse: cutting the tail to your pet


Animal Abuse: Did you know that cutting the tail to your pet means serious injury? We explain to you why it is considered an animal abuse;

Yesterday we told about the effects of mutilated ears in dogs, today we tell you what is the effect of the horrible practice of tail bone mutilation, or to cut the tail to the dogs.

You should not cut the ears or cut the tail, because these are important for the dogs; Are parts of the body that allows your pet to give signals that are vital to relate to their peers and humans.

Like the ears, the tail is also crucial when the dogs know each other.

By using the tail the dogs can demonstrate passivity. Not having it could lead to situations of aggression and conflict.

Here are the signs that your pet sends with its tail:

If he moves it: It is because the dog is happy.

If he puts it between the legs: It means that the dog is afraid.

The height: When the dogs have very high tail, they are transmitting excitement, alertness or dominance, while if they wear it low it shows fear or submission.

The tension: A high rigid tail denotes a state of agitation in the dogs. If the tail hair is bulging and we see fast movements it is likely that he is about to attack.

Tails like ears or other body parts are important to your pet. Cutting the tail or ears to your pet, for only aesthetic purposes, is an animal abuse. Remember it!

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Source: shutterstock