Building the best dog house for your Pet

Building the best dog house for your puppy

Building the best dog house for your puppy

Got yourself a new puppy and plan on building a dog house?  Follow our advice to build the perfect abode for your new friend.  Always think of what is more comfortable for your pet.

If you want to get all practical and comfortable, just hit a Lowe’s, Home Depot, or IKEA store.  But hey, why take away the pleasure of building the best home for your puppy?  This is what you can do.

Gathering materials

Let´s talk materials.  Well, material mostly.  The best and most used material for building a dog house is wood.   It only makes sense as it is durable, non-chewable (mostly), and easy to build.

Some other options could be plastic, but this could suffer the fury of your dog´s teeth.

The size of your dog will largely determine the size of the house.  For a medium-sized dog, think a length and width of 22-23 ft.  This should help you determine the amount of wood you will be needing.

Some specs

Always consider that the dog house should be insulated from the ground.  A house that is straight on the ground will be very cold during winter and very hot during summer.  We are looking after your puppy and his comfort.

It is also important to consider the conditions of the area that the house is going to be placed at.  Is it dry or humid?  Is it protected from a flood?

When building, make sure you use non-toxic materials and water-resistant.

Useful tips

  • Always plan ahead of time.  If possible, get footprints of your pet’s new home.
  • Make sure that the house is finished completely, including the painting.
  • You should not spend any more than $100 if you are able to find the materials needed at a low cost.
  • Consider the space that your dog will need to move inside the house.  Usually, they will only need the house to sleep in.
  • Do not make the door too big.  This will allow the house to retain heat inside during cold weather.

We know you love your pet and want the best for him.  Here in Dogalize we love your dog too.  This is why we are interested in guiding you through taking the best care of him. If you are looking for pet shops in your area don’t forget to visit our pet-friendly maps. Follow us through our social media sites here.