Buying pets helps animal suffering


Buying pets would help increasing the suffering of animals; as experts say having a pet of these popular species, would help animal suffering.

According to recent studies purchases of Bulldog breed and Frenchie Beed has tripled in hatcheries. The wave of popularity of these dogs, Bulldog breed and Frenchie Beed, seems to have increased animal suffering.

The problem seems to be that pets of Bulldog breed and Frenchie Beed throughout their life live with health problems; respiratory, eye related and difficulty in eating. “Vets are seeing some disturbing trends in the health of dogs and their welfare because of increased demand for brachycephalic breeds in farms and businesses.”

Institutions believe that increase of problems between dogs of these breeds, it is due to the fact that the breeding of pets seeks to highlight the features (such as crushed nose that causes breathing problems) to make the most “marketable” pets.

This is why Bulldog breed and Frenchie Beed would help animal suffering.

“People who want to have a dog need to consider all the health problems that these breeds can suffer throughout their life, from eye ulcers to painful abnormalities in the spine and severe breathing difficulties. In addition, to their owners they are complicated pets, so we really encourage people to choose other healthier breeds or mixes.”

For this reason it is recommended not to buy pure breed pets, being that Bulldog breed and Frenchie Beed does not matter. buying pets of pure breed in general helps the animal suffering.

What do you think of this recommendation?

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