Dog curiosities: a giant dog and a toy dog


Dogs curiosities: we tell the story of a great friendship between a giant dog and a toy dog

Lulu is a giant dog and Blizzard is a toy dog, the two are inseparable.

The photos of  Lulu and Blizzard have been published in Instagram by their owner and have attracted the attention of all the world and of all the social networks.

Lulu the giant dog and Blizzard the Toy dog are two adorable dogs that have become best friends.

According to the curiosities that the owner tells, the giant Lulu always carries Blizzard on his back while doing different activities together; when they watch television, when they bathe, when they take walks in the forest, on the beach or just while they contemplate the landscape together enjoying the friendship.

According to the Blizzard owners, the little toy dog ​​is “the big brother and protector” of Lulu the giant dog, and they always make fun of their friendship

The size difference for them has become a force and a union!

This is just one of the stories of deep friendship between a tiny dog ​​and a giant dog

Do you remember the story of the beautiful friendship between a giant dog and a puppy dog?

Jesse, the dog, has become the best friend of a rescued kitten of 4 months called Koda.

Furry friends are absolutely inseparable, and love to go on adventures.

The couple’s photos show them exploring a part of the Canadian desert together.

“Jessie instantly joined Koda, she must have thought he was her baby”, her owner said.

The friendship between these two wonderful little ones, like the friendship between Lulu and Blizzard, never had limits of race or size.

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