Dog fashion: Making Them Look Fabulous


Wanna make your dog the best dressed in town?  Check out these dog fashion tips to make your dog look glamorous any time of any season.  If you have recently adopted one, you can actually have lots of fun with fashion and dog grooming.

To make it simple for you, we will try to classify the best dresses for your friend depending on the time of the year.  Because it is imperative to keep her up to the season.

Winter dog fashion

There are many sweater options for dogs.  One important aspect to consider is dog breeds.  While most dogs might really want to use a sweater during going out in winter, some others have enough fur.  Placing them on a wool sweater might actually overheat them. Speaking of wool, it is best to place a fancy sweater with a combination of this and cotton or acrylic.

If it is not too cold outside, a nice and fancy jacket is perfect.

Spring dog fashion

Time to put the sweaters down and get into the refreshing spring.  Now, when it comes to dogs, you can have a nice raincoat to add an awesome spark of cuteness.

This would not be complete with a nice floral harness.  Then, you could get her a fashionista dress, fully equipped with a harness dress, lead, and cap.

Summer dog fashion

Are you thinking bikini?  Absolutely yes!  Welcome the nice shiny sun and dress your dog for the occasion.   Fashion options for your dog during summer go totally crazy!

Stripes are a must.  Or try Hawaiian shirt if you are feeling beach adventurous.  Taking him to a party?  Try a nice seersucker.  Summer also calls for muscle tanks, boardshorts, and a stylish bandana.

Fall dog fashion

Autumn calls for staying a bit warm at some point.  Imagine cute puppies fashioned with a nice parka and a hood.  Try a floral harness or a cute knitted sweater.

Keep your dog in style and carry on with a happy pet.  To get more information on fashion dressing your pup, stay in touch and connect to Dogalize.